Segregation and Discrimination

Racial segregation in the North and South negatively affected the Africans by limiting their resources. Segregation was different between the two, De Jure was in the South (segregation mandated by law). The North had De Facto segregation where segregation happened naturally, there wasn’t any laws. Once slavery was over there was the great migration where many African American families moved to the North in search of better lives. Unfortunately, conditions in the North weren’t too different from the South. The South had Jim Crow laws which were pointless laws that made no sense in the grand scheme of things and was just a way to try and reinforce segregation. For example Blacks weren’t allowed to be treated by a white doctor or Blacks weren’t allowed to eat in the same restaurant as whites.

Segregation and things like the Jim Crow laws took a big toll on African American children and the lack of education they received. Blacks weren’t seen as uneducated because they didn’t want to learn. They wanted to learn, the resources just weren’t available to allow them to expand their knowledge. Urban African American schools had lower test scores, higher drop out rates, unqualified teachers and their was higher pregnancy rates in these schools. All of the factors listed caused an awful environment which didn’t allow the children to learn to their full extent. Which causes problems in the future, because how is the Black society supposed to become prosperous when the future generation isn’t being well educated.
Another problem was the lack of job opportunity. Whites weren’t willing to give Blacks a respectable job, just because of their color. It didn’t matter if they were well qualified or not. They didn’t want their company to have an African American representing something. The lack of job opportunity was another factor that resulted from segregation. In the first place it was hard to even become qualified for a respectable and skilled job as an African American. Since their high school didn’t have good resources their success rate in college was low.

As for health, African American’s also suffered due to segregation. This leads back to education again. Because, if Blacks cannot become educated enough to become a doctor they have no one to treat their population. Whites wouldn’t treat blacks because in the South it was against the law and in the North it was socially frowned upon. On top of this, the Black Urban ares tended to be poorer than the White neighborhoods so they couldn’t afford proper medical care. This meant that Blacks had more limitations due to chronic and avoidable disease than Whites did and reported being in poorer health. All in all it’s all about the environment and for African Americans their environment was terrible. Despite all of these limitations there was still successful African Americans, which goes to show they deserve the same quality of life as whites.


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