African Diversity

After this weeks readings and videos, I began to realize the extent to which how diverse Africa is. Before reading, I would have been one of the students that Professor Adeleke mentions in his interview about how students often times wonder if he knows other Africans in the area. Upon further investigation I was intrigued by how diverse Africa is as a continent, but also how diverse the people are as well.

Socially, Africa is very diverse. In the video Professor Tesfagiorgis touches on how linguistically diverse Africa is as a whole but also how diverse countries within Africa are. He mentions that he could walk a short distance away from his home and end up in another town where the language is completely different than his. This is a direct representation of how interesting the African culture is. According to Table 2 in the reading, The Language Situation In Mozambique, only 24.8% of the entire population of Mozambique speak the most popular language, Emakhuwa.

Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development
Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

It is a common misconception that all African people come from the same background and share the same culture. We do not have to dig very far to find that this is far from reality. In the video I found it interesting that all of the interviewees were from different parts of African and have significantly different cultural backgrounds. In the video professor Owusu mentions that “In Africa you see visible signs of diversity in terms of the clothing we wear, the color combinations, the styles, our music, our dance, the food that we eat.”

A lot of factors play into the economic diversity of Africa. A lot of people think that we can just go in and help Africa but it is a lot more complicated than that due to a few reasons. Because Africa is so big, different parts of the continent have very good soil because they get more rain. In tern, these Africans can live a more prosperous life because they can settle in one area and have structured farming. Those not as fortunate, have to live a nomadic lifestyle.

From a political standpoint, Africa is also very diverse. In rural areas Africa has a lot of the amenities that we have here in the US but if you travel to the urban areas, they have much much less than the rural areas. As far as religion Africa has a lot of diversity being that in the North, it is mostly Islamic dominated while if you travel to the South you will run into more people who believe in Christianity.

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